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Get started right now with leading JiggiJump adventures in your classroom or group!


You can now watch all the moves to all the JiggiJump adventures on the JiggiJump Volume 2 CD! Ideally, use these videos to learn the moves yourself and then play the CD while you lead the class in the actions yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable, have a student in your class or an older student from the school lead the group. JiggiJump is most fun when a live person is leading the kids, even if the leader is making mistakes. But if you just can’t have a live leader, feel free to use these videos to lead the adventure, just skip ahead past the teacher introductions. You can also try moving along as a group to one or more episodes of the JiggiJump television program which can be seen on CBC TV on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Residents of Canada can also access the CBC episodes online.

Who can lead JiggiJump Adventures? Almost anyone! Use these videos and/or the JiggiJump CDs and other resources below to help you. Any not-for-profit organization in Canada can freely use these adventures to get kids moving as part of their normal activities.  You may not advertise the name ‘JiggiJump’ (or any derivation) or use our logo without our permission. For example, you may not advertise “JiggiJump Classes” to the community without our permission, but you may freely use JiggiJump as an element in your not-for-profit organization’s “Kids’ Fitness and Fun” class. Let us know how JiggiJump is working for you!  Any questions or comments? Contact Us!



This incredible resources is free to you thanks to generosity and vision of the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund. We are so grateful for their continued support.


Print and CD

The JiggiJump Educational Resource has been used by thousands of teachers to get their students moving in a fun, creative way. The resource includes the original JiggiJump Adventures CD and a comprehensive Leader’s Guide.



Join sing-along superstars Judy & David on these fun, active musical adventures! Developed and tested with experts in the field of physical activity to get children moving, stretching, singing-along and having fun! The CD contains 18 songs woven into 6 adventures (55 minutes total). Whether it’s a wild jumping kangaroo party in Australia or an exciting trip to the jungle, each adventure gets children up on their feet and moving to a sing-along physical program that they will love!



Leader’s Guide: Schools, day care centres, summer camps, or anyone who works with young children and would like to add more physical activity to their program should consider the JiggiJump Educational Kit which includes the CD and the companion JiggiJump Leader’s Guide. The 87 page guide has been developed by experts in the field of physical activity and is a great resource, including play-based extension activities with direct links to school curriculum.

Here’s what two teachers write:

Just a note to let you know that the students and Kindergarten teachers at our school love the Jigga Jump program. It is so easy to plug in a few minutes of exercises here and there throughout the week. Thanks for providing us with such a great program.”  – Patricia R. (Teacher, Toronto, Ontario)

“The guide is very informative and is set up in an easy to read format.  The checklists and extension activities are valuable and easy to use.  The CD is fantastic and really gets the kids moving in a fun and enjoyable way. What a great resource! Keep up the great work! ” — Kelly C. (Teacher, York Region, Ontario)



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