JiggiJump is here. It is a voice and a movement which is long overdue. JiggiJump’s music and movement has become the Pied Piper of young children across Canada who choose to sing, dance, and jump their way into an active, healthy life. Why do they choose it? Not because it’s good for them. Not because someone told them to. They choose it because it’s FUN! JiggiJump’s unique combination of music, movement and imaginative have made it one of the most effective and beloved movement programs ever for young children.

JiggiJump launched in June, 2006 in Ontario. It was originally conceived with the gracious help and expertise of child fitness experts from Ophea, the Ontario Physical Health and Education Association. Right from the start, it was clear that JiggiJump’s effectiveness was unprecedented. In September, 2007, Ophea  conducted a formal evaluation for the JiggiJump program in schools and daycares (specifically, the JiggaJump Adventures CD and JiggaJump Leaders’ Guide).

The response was “off the charts” according to Ophea:

98% of respondents (124/127) rated JiggiJump as either “very good” (68% – 86/127) or “good” (30% – 38/127).

98% of respondents (124/126) rated the children’s response to JiggiJump as either “very positive” (56% – 70/126) or “positive” (43% – 54/126).

93% of respondents (118/127) would either “definitely” recommend (68% – 86/127) or would be “highly likely” to recommend (25% – 32/127) JiggiJump to colleagues.


Watch JiggiJump TV online right now! https://tinyurl.com/jiggijump