Mall Tour 2014

The JiggiJump Mall Tour is now over. Many thanks to the thousands of participants and the dozens of partner organizations who helped make it possible. Special thanks to the Government of Ontario for their continued support of JiggiJump and their dedication to improving the healthy, active lives of Ontario families!
Missed the JiggiJump Mall Tour? You can still enjoy Jiggijump!

  • Get moving with JiggiJump on CBC TV, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:11 am (and coming soon on-demand on the Kids CBC app!)
  • Check into a JiggiJump school event offered by Education Arts Canada
  • Stay in touch with JiggiJump originators, Judy & David, to see if they are coming with a JiggiJump event in your area: website | facebook
  • Download some JiggiJump music right now from iTunes ( First CD | Second CD ) and get moving!
  • There are free JiggiJump activity guides and other valuable resources here
  • If you joined us at the mall tour and you received a JiggiJump Adventure Card, don’t forget to visit one of our local partners and enjoy some great free activities with your family.