Episode Guide

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101 – Running on the Bottom of the Sea
An underwater adventure! Join Judy, David and JJ the Kangaroo as they run with the creatures at the bottom of the sea.

102 – Popcorn
Sizzle, sizzle, pop! Pop like popcorn with Judy and David!

103 – Be A Snake
Be a snake and shake and slither to the music! Judy, David and JJ explore the jungle and move like the animals!

104 – Standing Up
Standing up! Sitting down! Move your body like a rollercoaster with Judy and David at JJ’s amusement park!

105 – Air Guitar
Jump around like a rock and roll star! JJ is in concert, and you can join in to play the air guitar!

106 – At the Beach
Life can be so sweet at the beach! Surf the day away with Judy, David and JJ as they do awesome moves in the sun!

107 – Twisty Freeze
Twist around with JJ in the Twisty Freeze Factory and help make some deliciously fruity frozen treats!

108 – One Big Banana
Three big bananas make a bunch! Join Judy, David and JJ as they dance like bananas on tropical islands.

109 – Jumping Up and Down
Jumping up and down! JJ’s kangaroo friends are having a jumping party, and you’re invited to jump along!

110 – Crazy Square Dance
Grab your partner and dosey doe the crazy square dance with Judy, David and JJ!

111 – I Love Rock and Roll
Feel that rock and rollin’ beat! Dance to the music with Judy and David!

112 – Run Froggie Run
Help Judy and David catch Froggie-0-7 as he escapes the Snack Museum.

113 – Jumping Bean
Jump up and down like a jumping bean! Judy, David and JJ visit Jumping Bean Land and get bouncing!

114 – Avalanche
It’s a landslide! Run away from the avalanche of spaghetti with Judy, David and JJ.

115 – Froggie in the Bathtub
Baths aren’t just for getting clean – swim with Froggie in the bathtub for lots of active fun.

116 – Body Band
Make music with your feet and hands! Rock to the rhythm of the Body Band with Judy and David!

117 – Healthy Earth Healthy Me
You’ve got the power in your feet! Walk, bike and hop with Judy and David as they travel the world!

118 – In the Mountains
Let’s go for a walk into the mountains! Go on a hike with Judy and David and enjoy the clean mountain air.

119 – Jumping Jacks
Let’s march and play! Join Judy, David and JJ at Jumping Camp and do some jumping jacks.

120 – Cloud Hopping
Cloud hopping day and night! Hop on the clouds with Judy and David and a bunch of cute bunnies to make it rain!

121 – Choo Choo Train
Be a Choo Choo Train! Move like a train with Judy and David.

122 – We Reached the Top
Let’s reach the top! Use your own two feet to climb the tree with Judy, David and JJ.

123 – Follow the Leader
Move like the leader! Judy and David invite you to play follow the leader in Fairy Tale land.

124 – Space Safari
We’re going on a safari! Run with Judy, David and JJ on a space safari adventure in outer space!

125 – Don’t Treat it Like Trash
Don’t throw it away and run away! Help Judy and David recycle by running after the garbage truck.